Love Pop Snowy Owl 3D card


The white cover of the Snowy Owl pop up features a close up of an owl with its black beak, round yellow eyes, and the outline of its feathered head.

Inside the Snowy Owl card, an elegant white owl, speckled with gray, stands perched upon a brown tree branch. On the white panels of the design, the last remnants of grass and dirt are shown before the next snowfall inevitably covers it all.

Inspiration for the Snowy Owl card:
Lovepop designer Kathie had quite the conundrum when deciding what owl she wanted to design. First was deciding whether or not she wanted to make a realistic owl design or a cartoon-ish one. Ultimately, she chose the realistic design, but be on the lookout for Kathie’s next owl…

The next step in Kathie’s process was to decide what specific owl to design. A snowy owl was picked out because of its simple, yet elegant look. The gray speckles on its white feathers helped bring more color to the design as well as give it a gender. Male snowy owls tend to be all white while females tend to have contrasting colors in their feathers.

Fun fact, while asking Kathie about owl “hoot” puns, we learned snowy owls bark rather hoot.

Occasions for the Snowy Owl card:
Give the Snowy Owl pop up to a wise friend who is always the voice of reason within your friend group on their birthday or as a thank you to a mentor who is always there for you when you need advice the most.

The Snowy Owl card is also great to give to a nature or bird enthusiast as an invitation for your next hiking adventure.

The Snowy Owl pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One cool Lovepop with one blank envelope.