Geotoys Flag Frenzy

Type: Games
Product Description
  • Flag Frenzy is a fast-paced card game where players race to match flags from 57 countries around the world.  Each of the 49 flag cards shows eight flags, and every set of two cards has EXACTLY one flag in common.  Can you be the first to find the matching flag, play your card, and then match the next one?  Eight continent cards add to the fun, as players can match a flag to the appropriate continent (the included world map helps).  First player to play all their cards wins the game.  58 total cards (including rules), 2-6 players, ages 6+, made in China.
  • Learn the flags of major world nations by being the first to match one flag to another in this fast-paced game!
  • Each card has eight flags, and every card has one flag in common with every other card
  • Be the first to match one flag with another, and you can play your card down on the deck
  • First player to get rid of all their cards wins!
  • Geotoys believes that kids are naturally curious about the world. By making geography fun, Geotoys hopes to develop that curiosity and help create global citizens.